Modern Warriors


What did the “Warriors” of yester-year look like?   Dressed in armor?   Wielding swords?  Braveheart comes immediately to mind or the stealthy grand masters of the marital arts movies.  They are ready to battle the ‘bad guys’ of their day and conquer evil.

Today’s “Warriors” and “bad guys” are just as prominent and may even be larger in numbers, however they blend in more to the society in which we live.    Today’s ‘Warrior’ can be an eight year old girl who is armed with the basic self-defense tools and skills that enable her to survive today’s ‘enemies’.     Todays ‘enemies’ can be the bullies on the play ground or the unknown “friend” on Facebook.  Even ‘friends’ who have bad intentions or influence in the wrong way can be something that needs to be battled.

This Modern Day Warrior needs to be armed with some basic weapons and how to use them.  In addition, the Warrior needs to be able to identify the the enemy.  They need to be aware when the enemy is attacking an avoid the attack before it gets too far.

Not all attacks will be as obvious as a  man asking the little warrior to get into his car.  Some attacks will be against the warriors’ integrity and concept of right and wrong.  Peer pressure to do the wrong thing is a very powerful attack by the ‘bad guy’.   The modern day warrior need to be mentally grounded in right and wrong with the confidence to hold to convictions.



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