Meditation 101



Meditation was always a mystery to me, (and in many ways still is).  We may have done a few seconds of meditation before and/or after class which is just enough to make me curious.   I have asked my instructor about the secrets of meditation and his consistent response was always “Just do it and you will see.”  That response was not terribly satisfying to my curious mind at that instant, but, of course, he was right.  There is a lot of science and data behind the benefits of meditation, but all you need to do in order to understand, is simply experience it.  If you force yourself to follow these simple steps, you will see as it provides a centered, calmness to your soul and enables increased focus through the day.


Lets start.   Have a short goal of just 2-3 minutes then increase as you are able.  Set a timer before you begin.  I recommend sitting on the floor.  If this is not comfortable, do some stretching before you begin.   Sit in a position that enables you to keep a straight spine and your head balanced directly on top of your spine.  (cross-legged position is best)


To begin, take a few relaxing deep breaths.  I like the 4-7-8 method.  Breath in deeply for 4 seconds; hold it for 7 seconds; exhale for 8 seconds. After 2-3 of these breaths check your posture and begin


Shut your eyes and fully (and I mean 100%) focus on your breathing.   If other thoughts enter your mind (they surely will), don’t fight them.  Allow them.  Then dismiss them.    Imagine the air that you breath in as good, nurturing air.  Give it a color that is soothing to you.  Breath in that colorful ‘good’ air through your nose. As you inhale, imagine the air traveling up around the top of your head, down your spine and swirling in a space located just below your belly button.  Then exhale and imagine that air now traveling the reverse path.   Exhale the air through your mouth and see it leave your body.   You may want to change the color of the air to a color that represents tension or stress so that you see the ‘bad’ leaving your body.

With each breath attempt to get a clearer picture of the air as it travels.   Your 2-3 minutes will pass quickly.

After your session of just a few minutes, notice how you feel.  Relaxed?  Centered? Calmer?


These simple steps are the basics of meditation.  This is just the beginning   Once you are comfortable with this basic technique and you have increased the time you spend in meditation, move on to Meditation 102 (Blog coming soon)


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