Basic Terminology and Class Conduct


Last week in class one student asked me for a “cheat sheet” of all the terms that they need to know for testing.   I suggested that they listen instead of read and memorize.  The class IS the ‘cheat sheet’.   Later I decided to compromise.   I realize that for a new student, the Dojang is a very strange environment.   So I will do more than give a list of Terms.  I will outline the conduct of class to include the basic terms used. (Terms that should be memorized by white belts are in bold)

Entering the Dojang (Training Hall or gym):

All students will bow to the flags (Kuk-ki) as they enter the Dojang (training hall).  They will then bow (kyung re) to the instructor if he/she is there.   Students will wear Dobok (uniform) to class.

Starting class:

When told to line up, students will line up according to belt rank.   The highest ranking student will be in the front right position.

The instructor will call the following commands.

  • Cha-ryut (Attention)
  • Kuk-ki ya dae-yu Kyung-re (Salute the flags)
  • Muk-yum (Meditation)

The senior student will call the following commnads

  • Cha-ryut.  Sabum-nim geh, kyung-re (Attention, Bow to the master instructor)

During Class:

Proper respect and discipline will be maintained at all times during class.  If a student is late he/she will wait for permission to enter the dojang.  

The terms the student should know during class are

  • Attention- Cha ry ut
  • Bow – Kyung re
  • Flag  – Kuk-ki
  • Gymnasium – Dojang
  • Uniform –   Dobok
  • Yell  – Ki hap
  • Ready  – Cha ry ut
  • Master Instructor  –  Sabum-nim
  • The name of our school and meaning – Mun Moo Kwan (Knowledge Body Gymnasium)
  • Meaning Of Tae Kwon Do – Foot Fist Art, or the Way of the foot and the fist.

Dismissing Class:

Class is dismissed in the same way it is started.  Students will line up according to rank.  The instructor will give the following commands

  • Cha-ryut (Attention)
  • Kuk-ki ya dae-yu Kyung-re (Salute the flags)
  • Muk-yum (Meditation)
  • Senior student states: ‘Cha-ryut.  Sebum-nim geh, kyung re’
  • All say ‘Kam sa ham ni da’ (Thank you)
  • Class dismissed

I hope this is helpful to all new student who happen to read it.  This is your CHEAT SHEET.

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